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“Tour to Auschwitz and Berkenau with Marianne.”

Opinion from haykate

Very informative tour lead by Marianne. The bus journey wasn't pleasant, and we were shown a film to remind us about where we were going to visit. At Auschwitz all tour groups were given headsets so we could hear our guide clearly. Marianne was excellent and covered a lot of ground. It was also great that she had another lady supervising who could keep an eye on the groups in front and behind. Myself and my group of friends alll worked as tour guides in the past (this is how we met), and we were all impressed with Mariane.

“Great Experience. They paid careful attention to my concerns.”

Opinion from Katie T

I visited Krakow with my 85 year old grandmother and e-mailed Krakow Tours by Point Travel to express my concerns with taking her on all of the tours that I had arranged. They told me that they would assure that she was taking care of and they went our of their way to do so. It allowed me to become less vigilant and relax. I'm so used to following up multiple times to ensure necessary circumstances and I unwittingly let that burden go and surprised myself. I realized this phenomenon when on our very last tour our tour guide called out for the three people going to the hotel that we were staying at without me having sent any follow-up e-mail to ensure the service, discussed once in an e-mail two months prior, would be provided. They were on top of things, and I really appreciated that. We went on four tours with this company (Auschwitz-Birkenau, Czestochowa, JPII, and the Wieliczka Salt Mines). Some tours directors were better than others (we liked the one for the Salt Mines the best) but I would definitely recommend using this company.


Opinion from mazgour

Scheduling our large group tour was made easy by the capable and receptive staff. The itinerary of two tours, to Wieliczka and Auschwitz, were planned well. Both tour guides were excellent.

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